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We had this idea while we were working in several African countries over the last five years. GlobalMD.Org Network aims to establish a social community among medical and public health  professionals around the world.

Within the medical community, doctors share their expertise and know-how to fight diseases, studying clinical cases and researching medical questions for tomorrow. With Internet technology, we make it possible to integrate GlobalMD and medical professionals around the globe. Ten years ago, in a small village in Africa, a viral disease could be spread among millions before the world took notice. All the villagers could do was  to pray to "God." Five years ago, a severe epidemic happened in Asia and soon crossed the border to other countries. Although there was medical service available, it was not adequate to help. " Now, using the internet and wireless communications, we can generate real -time reports, coordinate relief, and monitor the outbreaks from anywhere. The technology and the pathway is  here. We are forming the GlobalMD community.

The benefits are fundamental and overwhelming - not only for medical doctors, but also for better public health globally. Where there is a connected community with common intentions, we are much stronger to fight human diseases. This is a Golden opportunity to come together and take action.

Large international entities and charities are helping. They are developing better systems of public health and medical care delivery for the poverty stricken. But in many cases there is little hope, still millions of new cases of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria occur every year. Millions of new born babies will never open their eyes to see the world. These are still extremely desperate and serious cases. The GlobalMD community, especially In those developing countries, will unite doctors in the front line to fight diseases. The sick and weak need the strongest community support and help. With the GlobalMD network, we will be able to deliver assistance anywhere it is needed. International donors will appreciate this revolutionary strategy to save life. Can you contribute and help to build up the GlobalMD network?  This is a job for all of us. 

We are a group of medical doctors from multi-countries and with multi-culture background. However, we have the same mission and goal to unify Medical Professionals around the world to benefit for each other.

GlobalMD Network:

      What is challenging us in this world of 21st Century? Disease, poverty and enviromental pollution are still troubling us as the world is becoming smaller while technology advances. GlobalMD network ( http://www.globalMD.org )  is addressing one of the important challenges that is faced by humankind, disease.  GlobalMD aims to build up a social network among the medical professionals in the world. With a designated Internet communication, GlobalMD network will address the critical issues in the world public health . 

      GlobalMD network is a unique platform and channel for the doctors in the developing countries, such as Africa, Asia, Central and South AmericaGlobalMD wants to contribute towards excellent medical practice.  IT is understood that to conduct high level practice, access to information, medical resources, advanced equipment, opportunities to discuss with other colleagues and know alternatives to treatment occurring across cultures and the world are important.

      Although many governments and other entities support the fight with AIDS, TB and malaria  problems, etc in the world, there is not yet a virtual medical professional network enabling physicians to communicate each other at daily basis and to share experience in a real time manner. The Internet based GlobalMD network, will soon have developed the largest social network among medical professionals.  It has been designed so that the specific internet features can also protect sensitive privacy issues. We envision the GlobalMD network to be a fundamental tool for our future and to fight disease and improve the quality of the life.

     GlobalMD network funcations as a practical platform and channel towards those ends, we anticipate that it will bring remarkable benefits for participating physicians and the world society.


Board Directors of the GlobalMD Network Corporation  


Dr. Tim Shi, MD, PhD.

Founder and Executive Director of GlobalMD Network Corporation.  


Dr. Stephen Schimpff, MD 

Former CEO of University Maryland Medical Center , Maryland

Chairman for the GlobalMD International Hospital Management Advisory Committee (GIHMAC)  


Dr. Randy Hoggle, R.Ph.

President and CEO of Health Pathways, Inc.. 

Formerly Senior Executive Director of Eli lily Pharmaceutical, Boehringer Mannheim, Racal and MedContrax.  


Dr. Donald Sherk, PhD.

Former USA Executive Director for Asia Development Bank & Africa Development Bank, Principal advisor of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). A member of Bretton Wood Committee and Advisor to the World Bank. Economic Professor of the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Sherk has several key positions at the US Military Academy in West Point (1963-1966); Boston College (1966-1969); and Simmons College (1969-1970).    


Dr. Henry E. Cole, PhD. 

Former President of the Futures Group International and Currently Corporate Officer CAMRIS International and Karishma Health Software           


Mr. Stephen Lande, PhD.

Former Senior Trade Officer at the State Dept.; The “Father” of both the US Generalized System of Preferences and the Caribbean Basin Initiative. Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University  


Mr. Wm Leon Wilson, M.S.

Secretary for the Board and V.P. of GlobalMD; President and Founder of FAHA 

Advisory Committee Members:  


Ms Rosa Whitaker, M.S.

President of the Whitaker Group.

Ms. Whitaker served as the first ever Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa in the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and William J. Clinton.

Ms. Whitaker was Senior Trade Adviser to Congressman Charles Rangel before joining USTR. In that position, she was one of the hands-on architects of AGOA. She helped develop the Africa Trade and Investment Caucus in Congress. She was responsible for advising Congressman Rangel on a broad range of issues related to the World Trade Organization, Africa and China .

Dr Alfred Sallia Fawundu, Ph.D.

Former UN Coordinator and UNDP  West Africa Country Representative

Mr. Fawundu has been served more than 32 years in more than 18 countries represeting UN and UNDP in Africa . He has been a long-time close friend of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

Mr. Anthony Carroll, Ph.D

Mr. Carroll has twenty years of experience as a corporate lawyer and business advisor in the areas of international trade and investment, with a particular focus on the countries of sub-Saharan Africa . He possesses an extensive background in intellectual property law, first as an in-house lawyer with a venture capital firm specializing in high tech investment, and more recently as an advisor to the international pharmaceutical industry and sovereign and regional governments on TRIPs and WTO accession.


Mr. Mohamed Cassam, PhD.

The former manager of the World Bank in Asia and the founder of & Associates.

Mr. Cassam specializes in formulation, development and funding primarily in Africa and Asia . He has completed assignments in privatization and public-private infrastructure financing in some 20 countries. During his career, Mr. Cassam has worked for the United States Agency for International Development, Acres International Consulting Company and the World Bank.

Dr. Carol Collado, PhD. RN 

Former Executive Director of Child Health Foundation and Coordinator of Family Health & Population Program, PAHO/WHO


GlobalMD's Advisory Committee:

Dr. Mort Rapoport, MD 

Former CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center


Mr. Nelson J. Sabatini, PhD. 

Former Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene, the State of Maryland, Senior advisor for HMO.


Dr William Minogue, MD

Chairman for Quality Council, Institute of Healthcare Improvement


Dr Andrew Ziskind, MD

President of Barnes-Jewish Hospital , St. Louis, Washington State


Mr. Kevin Scanlan, PhD. 

President & CEO of Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC)


Dr Joseph P. Burns, MD

President & CEO for Healthcare Council of the National Capital Area


Dr. Leslie Lenert, MD

Director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s National Center for Public Health Informatics


Dr. Reuben Mezrich, MD, PhD.

Chairman of Dept of Radiology and Diagnosis, Univ. of Maryland Medical Center .


Dr Daniel M. Fox, MD

President of Emeritus the Milbank Memorial Fund. He has served in state government (Massachusetts and New York ) as an advisor to and staff member of three federal agencies and as a faculty member and administrator at Harvard University .


Dr Wiliam Greenough, III

Professor of Geriatric Department, the Johns Hopkins University Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore Maryland


Regional Coordinators:


Country Liaison Office:

China Office:

Jian Guo Men Wai No. 1, The World Trade Center, Tower No. 1, 29th floor, Unite 26-28,

Chaoyang District, Beijing China 100004

IT Department:

Members Administration:

GlobalMD event Department:

Marketing Department:

Science & Research Department:

Public Relations Department:

Government Relations Department:  


Strategic partners and associated cooperations:

HealthPathway, Inc

ProjectHOPE Organization

NIH Clinical Center

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine,

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Leading sponsors:

Private investors:

Industrial leadership sponsors:


(above information will be release very soon)  



2006 Global MD Org Network Corp - A Non-Profit Organization is registered under the State of Maryland Law, the United States.