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GlobalMD-NIH Clinical Research Training Course

GlobalMD-NIH临床研究高级培训:全球医生组织(GlobalMD)受美国国立卫生研究院(NIH)全权委托, 与中国临床药理协会合作将在2010年4月再次举办"NIH临床药理研究规范和临床药物试验管理"的高级培训.具体安排请联系

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GlobalMD's sponsored activities:


NIH Clinical Center

GlobalMD is associated with National Institutes of Health to conduct the Clinical Research Training for Chinese doctors, NIH will issue the certificates for qualified trainees.

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NIH CC - The largest clinical research center in the world


Cera Products, Inc

Cera Products, Inc is sponsoring the GlobalMD's ORT training program in China

Cera Products help the USA Athletes in different international sport events to win the medals.

GlobalMD's Parterships:

Health Pathways, Inc.

Project Hope Org.

Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council


Child Health Foundation (CHF, USA) 

GlobalMD and Child Health Foundation(CHF) has signed a collaborative agreement to promote the ORS training program in China.

It has also received the WHO (China Office) endorsment and participation.


WHO Annanced Swine Flu pandemic status





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To improve global health care through professional development, research, communication and collaboration without boarders.
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By connecting medical doctors through a virtual community of GlobalMD, we are improving our professional skills, creating knowledge, learning from and with each other and promoting health.
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The GlobalMD was initiated for the purpose of connecting medical practitioners around the world via the Internet. Our aim is to allow each health professional to contribute their clinical knowledge and experience and to share with and learn from others on a common platform in the most timely manner. By a monitoring process of local reporting combined with advanced IT implementation for information access, we will be involved in advancing professional practice, contributing to scientific and evidence based actions, and providing means to the early detection and alerting and treatments of potential pandemics thereby promoting global health.

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