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The NIH Clinical Center’s “Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research” was offered live outside the NIH for the first time Nov. 10-15 when clinician-scientists (including CC Director Dr. John I. Gallin, left above) brought the course to Beijing. “We are honored our colleagues in China offered this opportunity to broaden education and training in the conduct of clinical and translational research,” Gallin said. With Gallin are Dr. Jerry A. Menikoff (center), one of the course lecturers, director, Office for Human Research Protections, Office of Public Health and Science, Office of the HHS Secretary; and Dr. Tim Shi, executive director of GlobalMD.   


The Future of Medicine

Stephen C. Shimpff, MD






Over the next decade, medical care will improve rapidly and dramatically, thanks to advances in genomics, stem cells, vaccines, medical devices, imaging and new approaches in the operating room. Dr Stephen C. Schimpff's book " The Future of Medicine - Megattrends In Health Care" is going to be translated and published in China through the GlobalMD. 

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April 5th- 10th, 2009, Chengdu  China.

GlobalMD has sponsored the NIH Clinical Center to conduct the 2nd NIH clinical research training program in Chengdu, China in April 5th-10th. Total 611 physicians and clinical researchers from 106 hospitals across 25 provinces participated in this NIH PPCR Training Program. This was the largest NIH international training course conducted at a oversea site. It is the most successful program recongized by all participants and organizers. NIH has given their strongest support and will contiune work with the GlobalMD to introduce additional clinical research programs in China during 2009 (more reports see the local news).

Sept. 5th, 2008 Beijing China

GlobalMD has signed a joint collaboration agreement with the Beijng You An Hospital, the Capital University of Medical Science and the Peking Univ. Oncology Institute, Beijing Cancer Hospital to launch the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Training Program " Introduction of Principles and Practice of Clinical Research"  (IPPCR) for Chinese Physicians. This is the first time of NIH sending the highest and the largest group of experts to China to train Chinese physicians and public health professionals. GlobalMD as a exclusive sponsor and promotor for NIH Training Programs in China, its vision is to introduce the international standards and regulations for Chinese clinical researchers to merge the gaps between Chinese and the USA clinical research and practices.

In year 2009, GlobalMD has planed to introduce additional NIH and other top international clinical training programs for Chinese physicians, including the followings:

1. Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (NIH Clinical Center)

2. Principles of Clinical Pharmacology (NIH Clinical Center)

3. Clinical Research Training for Principal Investigators

4.The translational Research in Clinical Oncology (TRACO) (NIH NCI)

5. Control and Provention for Communicable/infectious Diseases (NIH/CDC)

6. NIH Grant Application writing offered by NIH NIAID

7. Writing & publishing a scientfic paper (NIH)

Please feel free to contact GlobalMD by e-mail

Auguest, 21st, 2008.

The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center is going to team up with the (China Project) to promote the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research training program in China. This is the first time ever from NIH Clinical Center sending total six senior instructors together and leading by Dr. John I. Gallin, Director of the Clinical Center, NIH to conduct the Clinical Training oversea.

Dr. Gallin has visited China in May during his participation of the China-USA hospital leadership Forum. He has encouraged and support the clinical collaborations between the USA and Chinese physicians under the common standards and roles. It will be benefit for all the partcipants and for our patients.

The details of NIH Clinical Research Training Program is under the GlobalMD's portal - CME - Clinical Research. For further registration information, please feel free to contact Dr. Carol Collado at admin@GlobalMD.Org










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